It may be too late to see a movie.

“Wow,” you think as you finish reading Ryan DiGiorgi’s January 3rd post at, one of your favorite websites.  “Ryan’s right.  I shouldn’t feel guilty or out-of the-loop when my friends chastise me for not seeing some classic film.  I have all the time in the world to enjoy a good movie.”

You take a sip of your latte and look around the coffee shop.  It’s a beautiful day out, and although you heard that a storm or two may be moving in this weekend, it doesn’t dampen your spirits.  The would is full of people who would complain about things they can’t change, but Mr. DiGiorgi has reminded you to slow down, and not stress about what’s expected.  You’ll get around to seeing Chinatown and Das Boot soon enough, but you’re done with the guilt.  There’s plenty of time. 

Sure, the kids make it hard to find the time to see a good movie, and let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger.  And think about that homeless beggar you saw on the way into the shop: He’s definitely not seeing movies anymore.  I wonder if he ever saw Braveheart?  Then there’s the blood pressure.  Doc said that if you don’t start watching your diet, you could be nearing a massive heart attack.  Or worse.  I mean, what if you fell into an open manhole on the way home?  You would never even get to see that last Indiana Jones flick!  What was it called?  Search for the Crystal Skull or something like that?  You heard it was lame, but you’ve seen the others.  Wouldn’t you feel like a real knucklehead if you knew all of your friends and family were talking about it at your funeral…

And what’s up with that businessman across from you at the coffee shop?!  He left his briefcase on the table and walked off almost fifteen minutes ago!  Who does that?  Now that you think about it, he did seem a bit out of the ordinary, didn’t he?  Why, he could be some sort of Islamic extremist and that very well could be a small nuke ready to blow at any second!  And to think: Stand by Me was on TV the other night and you turned it off.

It’s easy for people with reasonably fictional names like “Ryan DiGiorgi” or “Edgar Wright” to sit around and talk about how it’s never too late to see a movie, but you know better than that.  It may already be too late.

Or maybe not.  Your call really.


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