Looking for Something to Get Me for Christmas?

Every Christmas for the past six years I’ve had a chance to eat dinner, play pool, or just hang out with Chevy Chase.  And have I done it?  No.  I mean, I’m a clinically obsessed Chevy fan.  Shouldn’t I be first in line to make all sorts of Caddyshack II references during a game of billiards with Ty Webb himself?*

I would if I had $3,250.

That’s the current going rate on this years 7th Annual Chevy Chase Green School Auction.  That $3,250 is kind of cheap when you consider that it’s for brunch with the Griswold’s themselves, Chevy and Beverly D’angelo.  The description promises even more wacky fun:

You will be a part of all the laughs and personal anecdotes (without the disasters!) from this hilarious pair as you are treated to a delectable brunch in the Griswold style! 

I’m not sure what the “Griswold style” is, but COUNT. ME. IN.  I assume it means Chevy will spill stuff all over me, trip the waiter by accident, and Ethan Embry may show up only because he needs the work.  All of this is worth way more than $3,250.

It’s only one of several things Chevy has talked his pals into doing this year for charity.  See the rest of the list here, and start buying for me now!  My personal favorite is a chance to hang out with Chevy and the cast of Community on the set.  Only $1,000 right now?!  That’s cheap!

*I tried to find the billiard scene in question on YouTube, but alas, I guess everybody hates Caddyshack II.  Anyway, it’s worth watching just to see Chevy’s excellent shtick.

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