Dan Aykroyd, Come Back To Us

Listen folks, I love and miss Dan Aykroyd just as much as the next guy, but I’ve noticed a few things as of late:

1. He apparently eats his weight in butter chunks once a day.  However, I don’t fault him for this.  I plan to do the same when butter chunk prices go down.

2. He needs to lay off of the UFO and ghost stuff.  It’s all he’s talked about over the past few years.  Which leads to number 3…

3. He’s gone fucking batshit crazy.  Don’t believe me?

Remember this blast from the recent past?  I dare you to make it through all 8 minutes of this “video”.  I made it to around the 6 minute mark before I realized that this wasn’t a joke.  No, ladies and gentlemen, he’s for reals.

I also have to wonder how his new-found batshit craziness is going to affect the script to Ghostbusters 3.  Oh, and in related news: I want a case of this for Christmas.  I mean, it comes in a freakin’ glass skull, people.

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