Coming Soon: Chevy Chase Day 2010!

Friday is Chevy Chase Day around the world, which means that this week I’m going to be talking about Chevy even more than usual! (Editors note: Apologies.)

I thought I’d kick things off right by talking about a little seen classic Chevy bit, such as this short one from the 1974 skit film The Groove Tube.  The film itself is just a lame, early version of The Kentucky Fried Movie, with Chevy only showing up twice (three times if you count his hands).  However, it’s worth digging up just to see him and pal Ken Shapiro perform “Four Leaf Clover”.  The two would later regroup to make Modern Problems.  I think we all know how that turned out.

Anyway, sorry for the VHS-ish quality of this video, but it’s the best one I could find.  You can always come over to my place if you want to catch it on DVD, complete with commentary and laugh track from me as well.  Enjoy!

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