Announces Acquisition of; Now 80% Easier to Tell Your Friends


That’s right, kids.  After more than a year of waiting, scheming, and refusing to pay more than a couple bucks, we’ve finally obtained the domain.  No more will you have to say “Critical-DASH-End-Dot-Com” when you shout our URL to passersby.  Sadly, this will probably result in a decrease in accidental visits to

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working to update all of our internal links with the dash-less address, though the hyphenated versions will continue to work for the time being.  And don’t worry about the podcast feed, it won’t be affected.

To celebrate, I wanted to embed whatever came up first on a YouTube search for “new url”, which just so happens to be an awesome video of this retro rock-a-billy band called The Baseballs.  For some reason, they’ve disabled embedding, but the video’s so damn awesome I’m linking them anyway.

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