Expecto Pa-trailer


UPDATE: Scroll down for the new teaser!

The new Harry Potter teaser is set to debut online later tonight.  As a huge nerd who just got through listening to all the British versions of the audio books for “authenticity”, you can bet I’m interested to see it.  Meanwhile, /Film’s got some leaked images of some of the teaser’s juiciest scenes…

Here’s the scene where Voldemort teaches Harry to pronounce Italian words so he can impress the sultry farmer’s daughter he meets on their impromptu trip to Siena.

Here’s the POV shot of Harry standing outside the farmer’s daughter’s door after having comically tripped down a hill and into a pile of manure on his way there.  If I remember the book correctly, the shot after this will reveal that he is pantsless.

And here’s a scene from the closely-guarded epilogue, in which Hermione agrees to a romantic Sleepless in Seattle style meeting with an estranged Ron, only to find that he’s a drunken insomniac lumberjack now.
(SPOILER: She settles.)

Anywho, I’ll post the trailer here when it shows up so we can see these thrilling moments in action!

UPDATE: Here ’tis!

2 Responses to “Expecto Pa-trailer”

  • Dave Says:

    Looks great, but do I have to complete the journey in 3D? I remember the last book being in 3D and I hated that part.

  • Ryan Says:

    Agreed. That tag takes the wind out of the sails for me. It reminds me they just want my money.