Good Idea/Bad Idea


Hey!  They’re making new Wile E. Coyote shorts! And they’re showing them IN FRONT OF MOVIES like the old days!  Sure they’re in 3D, which seems unnecessary, but whatever.  If they’re well-produced who cares?

What was that?  They’re putting the first one in front of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore?  Okay, awesome.  I’m going to go strap myself to some dynamite.

2 Responses to “Good Idea/Bad Idea”

  • Dave Says:

    I’m going to say I’m excited that they are making these, but seriously doubt they can capture the magic of genius Chuck Jones. Half of the fun of these is the drawing style and brilliant takes, motion lines and stretchy eyeballs included. I just have to hope they also know that.

    I guess we kind of saw a bit of this in ‘The Mask’ a while back when they reproduced scenes from Tex Avery’s Big Bad Wolf.

  • Ryan Says:

    Agreed, Dave. The screenshot is encouraging though. And Road Runner’s reflection in the knife shows a nice attention to detail.