Cameron to Taiwan: Your Lives are Forfeit


What were James Cameron’s true goals as he toiled away for ten years in his basement, developing the technology that would one day make us fall in love with Panthro and Cheetara’s love children?  Sure, he wanted to make strides in CG and 3D immersion, but could he also have been plotting to create a movie that would be exciting enough…TO KILL?!

Probably not.  But much like the foolish military that funded Skynet, Cameron has become complicit in the death of a (presumably) kindly old Taiwanese man who, doctors say, was so fucking blown away by the film that he had a brain hemorrhage and later died.  Science hasn’t yet advanced far enough to provide a record of his final thoughts.  But my guess is he died just as he was thinking “Wait, this is basically Dances with FernGully–ERK!”

Of course there was one thing FernGully had that Avatar was missing:

Man Dies After Watching Avatar | /Film

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