It’s New Year’s Eve…Do You Know Where Your Pants Are?

Ryan and I have talked at great lengths about how much the experience of seeing a film in an actual theater has gone to crap.  While it’s easy to blame cell phones for this, don’t forget that the real blame should fall on the idiots who refuse to turn them off during the movie.  As this decade comes to a close (and more importantly, Critical End! turns one year old!), it’s time to start looking for a few solutions.  Luckily, CHUD has made an amazing list of ways to improve this problem so I don’t have to.  Give it a read by clicking the great image they made below, and be sure to keep these things in mind when you head out to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Jason Lee’s Suicide Note

Happy New Year, kids.

2 Responses to “It’s New Year’s Eve…Do You Know Where Your Pants Are?”

  • Dave Says:

    I find it surprising that this list doesn’t mention the most annoying thing of all, kicking the seat in front of you. Or putting your feet up on the row in front of you, like your sitting in your own frikkin’ living room. Show some respect people. Just because you can’t see my head with the stadium seating, it doesn’t mean I want to smell your dirty tennis shoes, or feel every time you fidget. And considering your 64 ounce coke… that’s a LOT.

  • Ryan Says:

    Here here, sir.