I was pretty sure the DirecTV commercial that zombified Chris Farley would be the head-scratchingest of the lot.  But apparently they dusted off Kim Basinger, and somehow convinced her to reprise her most famous role:  Honey Horneé from Wayne’s World 2.   I can’t find it on YouTube yet, though. So it may have just been a dream I had after one too many late night Dana Carvey marathons.   Blank Slate? Underrated.

UPDATE: Video added.

5 Responses to “Really?”

  • Logan Says:

    Find it and post it on here right freakin’ now. This sounds awesome. Meanwhile, these are great, well made commercials and I don’t quite understand what the mini-uproar over the Farley one was all about.

  • Logan Says:

    UPDATE: oh man, this is every bit as awesome as I hoped.

  • Ryan Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the commercial itself, but Kim Basinger from Wayne’s World 2?? What a weird well to go back to. Tia Carrere wouldn’t do it?

  • Logan Says:

    Tia Carrere’s character was no where near as funny as Kim Basinger’s, so I thinkied they picked the better one for the goofy commercial. I agree that it’s a weird (and highly random) well to go back to, but how could you not support a promo for Wayne’s World 2? Maybe more people will actually see this underrated sequel now.

  • Dave Says:

    You CAN’T beat the ‘Fat guy in Little Coat’ bit from Farley. Classic. He needs to be shown more, not less.