Drag Me to Hell…Please!

If Harry Potter grew up to direct genre films.

If Harry Potter grew up to direct genre films.

It’s been nearly a decade since The Gift, the last film Sam Raimi directed that could be called a horror movie, and I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw the trailer for Drag Me to Hell.

He’s obviously been jonesing to return to the over-the-top spooky stuff that started his career. See the Doc Ock surgery scene in Spider-Man 2 or the news of his involvement in the almost certainly ill-advised Evil Dead remake. But Drag Me to Hell promises to be a true return to form.

Pretty girl, gypsy curse, lots of white contact lenses. And none of these wimpy ghosts who want you to be their mom, or solve their murders, or feel guilty about the holocaust. No. There is a demon. And he will drag you. To hell.

Still not convinced?


Oh yes, kids. Justin Long is ready to make you forget about the second half of Jeepers Creepers. MTV was right to snap up that exclusive. Take a look:

Pointless side note: Hey, Universal, I’d have used your official trailer embed widget but it’s incredibly tiny and autoplays with sound. Seriously?

Anyway, who’s excited?

5 Responses to “Drag Me to Hell…Please!”

  • Olivia! Says:

    It’s good to see Alison Lohman again. Playing a grow-up role.

  • Ryan Says:

    I think I’ve only ever seen her digitally in Beowulf.

  • Logan Says:

    Wait wait wait. Am I the only one who thinks this looks just as cheesy as those other horror films that you mentioned? Ryan, we’re talking about a movie about a girl who has a gypsy curse placed on her because some crazy old woman can’t make the rent. If that’s the “return of true horror” that the trailer thinks it is, I’ll take The Ring’s creepy girl crawling out of my TV set any day. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget that one of those “wimpy” ghost films that you mentioned, The Grudge, was actually produced by Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures. Ditto for The Grudge 2-3, Boogeyman 1-3, The Messengers 1-2, Rise, and one of the dumbest reality TV shows I’ve seen in a while, “13: The Fear is Real”. I’ve often thought that for somebody who once knew so much about great horror why in the world would Raimi take an executive producer credit for these movies. He really should know better, which makes me nervous about this movie. I guess I won’t really be happy until I find out if Bruce Campbell has a cameo or not.

  • Olivia! Says:

    Raimi is high off his Spiderman dough.

  • Ryan Says:

    Oh sure, he’s produced a lot of crap. But I expect more from a movie he actually directs. And come on, gypsy curses! That’s so Landis!