Mar 1 2011

James Franco Overload

I didn’t use to think much about James Franco.  I liked him in Freaks and Geeks and when he popped up in other stuff (almost always unannounced), I didn’t mind. 

But now? Not so much.

I really blame Sunday night’s Oscars for this.  I’m really starting to feel like I would rather stop watching him and start punching him in the face.  MTV just reminded me that he’s next playing “a San Francisco scientist who makes a breakthrough during his research into ape intelligence” in the upcoming Rise of the Apes.  Let’s allow this newly released picture to say the rest:


via MTV

Sep 2 2010

First “Rise of the Apes” Photo…Kinda.

I already wasted time and web space making fun of the (sigh) Planet of the Apes prequel back in May, so let’s just get to the goods, shall we?  This is either the first photo from the set of Rise of the Apes, or some strange guy in a bodysuit following James Franco and his girlfriend home.

Decide for yourself in our comment section below.

via CHUD