Jan 31 2011

Two Great Tastes that Go Great Together


Look. I tried to find a picture for this story but Screened used the only good one and WordPress is really annoying me today with its finicky attitude toward two images sharing the same line.

Anyway, the guy who directed Brick, which was awesome, is collaborating with the guy who directed Primer, which was awesome. They are working on Brick guy’s movie about time-travelling-hitmen. Or maybe the hitmen themselves don’t actually travel time. They just get their victims FedEx’d to them from the future so the bodies can be disposed of without a trace. Sounds pretty great to me!

Man this post looks bare. Here’s a bonus for you:

Dec 6 2010

The Back to the Future Game has a Trailer


Finally, we’ve got our first real taste of Telltale’s new Back to the Future adventure game and it’s glorious. AJ LoCascio sounds amazing as Marty. Chris Lloyd is as Doc-like as ever. The look, the music, and the DeLorean are all pitch perfect. As far as I know, there’s no solid release date, but the first episode is coming out sometime this month.

The biggest remaining question mark involves the villainous Tannen family line. According to the end of the trailer, the second episode is called “Get Tannen!” That indicates that Biff Tannen or one of his ancestors will appear. But Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the films, has told BTTF.com that he hasn’t been approached for voice work. Seems odd since Telltale is pushing hard for authenticity and Wilson’s an active (and probably inexpensive) actor. Maybe the two parties have already struck a deal and are just waiting for the right time to make the big announcement. Either way, we’ll find out soon.

[Trailer via Kotaku]

Nov 22 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Blog Queue Roundup


Hey folks.  It’s a short week due to Thanksgiving.  No podcast and we’ll just be posting today and tomorrow.  So, before the holiday break, I wanted to clear out a couple things I meant to post about last week:

First up, here’s some long lost footage from Back to the Future Part II. It’s the full video loop that plays outside the Biff Tannen Museum scene in alternate 1985. There’s definitely more here than we see in the finished film, and it sounds like the narration is still temp. So, I guess that makes this the version from alternate alternate 1985.

[/Film via BTTF.com]

While we’re on the subject, check out this very interesting article where BTTF scribe Bob Gale debunks some common misconceptions about the trilogy.

It’s old news now, but here’s the full Green Lantern trailer. Everything about it pleases me except the costume which was created entirely by CG rather than physical material. It looked great on the cover of Entertainment Weekly awhile back, but it’s kind of fakey when seen in motion. Hopefully they’ll give it one more pass before it hits theaters.

Here’s a publicity shot for the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark wherein Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge! is terrorized by a slouchy, bipedal version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Badass Digest has three others, each goofier than the last.

"It's the fact that I'm a walking abomination isn't it?"

And finally, if you’re spending Monday counting the hours until the Thanksgiving holiday, embrace your frustration with this video compilation of every violent, primal, non-lingual utterance Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever committed to film. See you next week!

[Via /Film]

Oct 25 2010

Kid does perfect Marty McFly, Telltale hires him for BTTF game


This is some serious shit, folks.  Ever since Telltale announced that Christopher Lloyd would reprise the role of Doc Brown (in voiceover) for the new Back to the Future videogame, nerds have been waiting with bated breath to hear who’d play Marty.  They’ve secured the likeness of Michael J. Fox, but presumably he’s not well enough to actually play the role.  

Enter AJ LoCascio. He sent Telltale an mp3 of himself doing Marty and it was so good they gave him the job. Drop everything and check out the video below. It’s about as flawless as anyone could hope for. Even Bob Gale says so. I think I’m officially out of things to worry about, this game is going to be brilliant.

Sep 7 2010


Welcome back, kids!  I trust you all had a great Labor Day weekend and didn’t almost die watching the new Danny Boyle film.  I thought about posting some of the usual crap to slowly ease you back into your working week, then I thought, “Screw it.  I’m going all out.”

Thus, I give you the first image from the upcoming Telltale Back to the Future game:


Is that freakin’ awesome or what?!  Ryan gave us some of the first news on this five episode series back in June.  Word on the net is that the first episode of the game is going to come out sometime at the end of the year to coincide with the 25th anniversary release of the series on Blu-ray.

I can’t wait to play this game.  Hell, I’d play that picture if they put a Start button on it.  That’s how pumped the image has me for the game.  It also helps that I was almost expecting something more along the lines of this:

via CHUD

Jun 29 2010

Back to the Future: 25 Years Later

Can you believe that this Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future?  Has it really been that long?

Rumor has it that Universal is gearing up for some pretty big announcements this coming weekend, but the biggest one has already arrived: The trilogy is finally heading to Blu-ray!  Truth be told, between the original trilogy release on DVD and the re-release that came out only last year, there’s not too much that we haven’t seen in the way of bonus features.  Click on the new cover art below for the full details.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Film School Rejects have put together a great comparison of what the actors look like now, opposed to how Back to the Future Part II imagined they would look like at the same age.  Quick summary: Elisabeth Shue is still hot.

Jun 9 2010

Great Scott!


It will probably look better than the NES game.

I love Back to the Future.  I love adventure games.  Telltale Games, a company composed almost exclusively of ex-LucasArts employees (they made Monkey Island and a ton of other classics) has just announced that they are making a series of adventure games based on Back to the Future.

Chills, folks.  I’m getting chills over here.  No word on specifics, yet, but they’re saying it will take place in “the world of Back to the Future” which probably means “you won’t be playing as Marty”.  Still, if Day of the Tentacle was any indication, time travel makes for a very entertaining adventure game mechanic.  I can’t wait!

On, and they’re doing Jurassic Park too.  If that’s more your thing.

Mar 31 2010

Critical End! (The Podcast) #49: Hence Begins the Circles


No, this does not mean we’ll stop talking about Chevy Chase. REVIEWED: Hot Tub Time Machine PLUS: Chevy Chase!

Download it.


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Feb 15 2010

A Time Travelin’ Video Double Shot


New Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer!

And an awesomely gross BTTF parody.