Dec 30 2010

Pixar to Trick Me Into Seeing Cars 2

Yuks wanted.

You know how every Pixar film in theaters opens with a nifty little short?  I’ve always thought of it as a great throwback to film going days of old, while also enjoying the little extra bit of Pixar I’m getting for my buck.  I especially enjoyed Day & Night, the short before Toy Story 3, although the teenagers in front of me seemed to be wondering if they were in the wrong theater.

Pixar tweets are beginning to flow like crazy now that we’re getting closer to (collective moan) Cars 2, and they all seem to hint towards the same thing: The film will open with the first of several Toy Story character epilogue shorts.  While this seems like a fun thought at first (and a great way to trick people like me into seeing Cars 2), I hope that this doesn’t cheapen what I thought was a great ending to a very fun trilogy.  Then again, this is Pixar, and I’m sure they’ll bring us nothing but the finest.  Like Cars 2, for example.

The first short is called Hawaii, and will feature Barbie and Ken.  As long as they bring back favs Michael Keaton and Jodi Benson, I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

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Oct 26 2010

Cars 2: Audience 0

The teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel that nobody asked for Cars 2, is officially the first work from Pixar that has depressed me to no end.  Please announce in a few weeks that this was actually produced by Dreamworks:

What the hell is even going on here?!  Is this supposed to be some sort of Mission: Impossible spoof?  If so, you’re like a decade late on that, Pixar.  Oh, and I consider myself something of a fan of comedy, but can somebody PLEASE tell me what the joke is supposed to be?  Did I miss something (besides Cars 1 of course)?

Cars 2 will attack your good sense and wallet sometime next summer.  I’m sure it’ll be in 3D too, but c’mon, were you really planning on sending your kids to college?  I think not.

Jun 23 2010

Critical End! (The Podcast) #57: We hear he’s old and gay!


Please don’t mention Emily in this one.  My fragile heart can’t take it.  REVIEWED: Toy Story 3PLUS: Trailers and contest winners and gay jokes and things.

Download it.


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Apr 26 2010

Toying with my childhood (it’s a pun!)


UPDATE: There’s also a Japanese version!

As a child of the 80’s, I have very distinct memories of commercials like this one for Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.  Take a look…

I am literally buried under a mountain of sense memory right now.  Which is all the more impressive, considering that this isn’t actually a vintage commercial, but a brand new bit of viral marketing for Toy Story 3.

Too much hugging, one presumes.

That is some impressive mimicry, Pixar.  More evidence that these guys are deeply committed to manipulating me emotionally.  WHY DID THAT SLUT HAVE TO ABANDON JESSIE FOR MAKEUP AND BOYS, DAMMIT?!!?!

Also, if you’re like me, you’re now looking for either this…

…or this…

I never noticed the jaunty key change in the Kid Sister section of the jingle. Girls are always showing off.

Jan 26 2010

Cars 2: Just Because We Can

Cars is easily my least favorite Pixar film to date.  Not only was it completely lacking all of the elements that usually set Pixar films apart from generic kids crap like G-Force or anything Dreamworks animation has done in the past 10 years, but it even seemed like Pixar was dumbing itself down to reach the type of audience who think that Larry the Cable Guy is the height of comedy.  (Oh yeah, and I had this whole other issue about a world where even the bugs are small cars with wings.  I mean, who made the cars?  How do they mate?  I don’t think anybody thought about this stuff except me.)

All of that being said, Pixar announced Cars 2 a few years back.  Yesterday Disney released their annual report which featured the first concept art from the soon to be Oscar winning sequel.  Check it out:

Yes, it would appear that the cast of Cars is going to Japan.  I assume Lightning McQueen and his pal (sigh) Tow Mater will expierence enough culture clash to rival that of Rush Hour 3.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s going to be in 3D?

Cars 2 crashes into theaters later this year.

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Jun 14 2009

Critical End! (The Podcast) #17: You want it WHEN?


This week, we’re pulled in two directions. REVIEWED: Drag Me to Hell, Up. PLUS: Critical End!’s first ever contest, your chance to win FABULOUS* PRIZES!

(*Prizes not actually fabulous.)

Download it.


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