Aug 30 2011

This is my new favorite person on the web

Hi! I'm Christina Ricci and this picture may or may not have something to do with this post. You'll have to read it to find out, you hunk of man cheese, you!

Sorry folks, it’s not the very talented Ms. Ricci.  Nor is it that guy with the website that photoshops Ryan’s head on to Christina Ricci’s body…although I tend to find myself returning to his site on many a lonely night.

I’m actually talking about Gabriel Ruzin over at Shadowlocked who has written an excellent article comparing recent Chevy Chase comments on Vacation and Fletch reboots to Bill Murray’s assholeness.  Obviously, I couldn’t agree more.

Check it out.   


May 24 2011

This is where I’m supposed to type the subject of this post

Hello from Sunday night!  That’s actually when I’m typing this.  I’m going on vacation this week and because I’m can’t predict the future of the entertainment biz and still have to post something today, I decided to slap this together really fast.  It’s not like anybody is going to read it anyway, right?  I mean, after our first year or so most of you went on permanent vacation from this site.  You know who you are.  It seems like the only hits we get any more are from people searching for “hairy old men” and “steve guttenberg in dress”.  Shame on all of you.

Here’s a random clip of Chevy Chase that you’ve never seen before.  Why?  Because you won’t watch it anyway and I’m on vacation.  So fuck off.

Your friend in Christ,

May 2 2011

Wherever they need us, our destinies lead us…


No, that headline isn’t a reference to any dead terrorists. The Three Amigos ride again thanks to a photo shoot and interview session by Empire Magazine. Badass Digest has a short behind-the-scenes video of the shoot which reveals that John Landis was on hand as well. Can’t wait to read the full article!

Apr 26 2011

Come Closer. I Can’t Hear You. Closer…

What’s that you say? Your old pal Logan so called the fact that Josh Holloway is playing a mysterious cowboy on the May 5th Community finale?  That’s right, I did.  And as proof, here’s a little teaser for you ladies:

TV Guide has more info, the most interesting news being that Josh is huge pals with Chevy and couldn’t wait to work with him again.  Of course, I already knew this, however, because most people seem to be under the impression that Chevy is some sort of asshole that nobody likes, I’m sure they’ll find it shocking.

Feb 24 2011

Community in GQ

Despite the fact that rumors of it’s cancellation are looming, GQ got the Community guys (along with a few other male cast members from shows like Skins that will most likely be on for years to come) together for a quick photo.

And let me just say that this may be the greatest thing I’ve seen all year.  I’d like to order thirty prints please, GQ.

Feb 1 2011

Chevy Chase Can Roll My 20-Sided Dice Anytime

There is seriously nothing going on today, so let’s check in on that old Critical End! fallback: Community

In case you haven’t been watching, it’s back from it’s mid-season hiatus and funnier than ever.  They’re also returning the show to it’s roots, and moving away from some of the more over-the-top scenarios that they’ve been doing.  It was also great to see Chevy have more to do in last Thursday’s Pierce heavy episode.  Creator Dan Harmon is promising even more red hot Chevy action in an upcoming episode that features the entire cast visiting Pierce after he ends up in the hospital.  Oh, and Entertainment Weekly also has some great news about an upcoming (nerd alert!) Dungeons & Dragons themed ep.  Is this the best show on television yet or what, folks?

Anyway, here’s some more Community Season 2 news straight from the cast and crew themselves:

Dec 16 2010

Looking for Something to Get Me for Christmas?

Every Christmas for the past six years I’ve had a chance to eat dinner, play pool, or just hang out with Chevy Chase.  And have I done it?  No.  I mean, I’m a clinically obsessed Chevy fan.  Shouldn’t I be first in line to make all sorts of Caddyshack II references during a game of billiards with Ty Webb himself?*

I would if I had $3,250.

That’s the current going rate on this years 7th Annual Chevy Chase Green School Auction.  That $3,250 is kind of cheap when you consider that it’s for brunch with the Griswold’s themselves, Chevy and Beverly D’angelo.  The description promises even more wacky fun:

You will be a part of all the laughs and personal anecdotes (without the disasters!) from this hilarious pair as you are treated to a delectable brunch in the Griswold style! 

I’m not sure what the “Griswold style” is, but COUNT. ME. IN.  I assume it means Chevy will spill stuff all over me, trip the waiter by accident, and Ethan Embry may show up only because he needs the work.  All of this is worth way more than $3,250.

It’s only one of several things Chevy has talked his pals into doing this year for charity.  See the rest of the list here, and start buying for me now!  My personal favorite is a chance to hang out with Chevy and the cast of Community on the set.  Only $1,000 right now?!  That’s cheap!

*I tried to find the billiard scene in question on YouTube, but alas, I guess everybody hates Caddyshack II.  Anyway, it’s worth watching just to see Chevy’s excellent shtick.

Dec 2 2010

“Community” Christmas Preview

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Community, which is strange since some weeks I feel we’re contractually obligated to do so.  Check out this clip from the upcoming animated episode and share your thoughts.

Despite the fact that they all kind of look like meth heads (I understand that this is a common problem with stop-motion animation), I’m really digging this.  They even pegged Chevy’s comic reaction exactly right, which can’t be easy.

The Community animated Christmas episode airs December 9th.

Oct 8 2010

Chevy Chase Day 2010

“The best advice I can give you about falling is to never land.”
-Chevy Chase, 2010

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Your pals at Critical End! would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to our dear friend Dr. Chevy Chase (he’s a doctor of being awesome).  Today he turns 67, folks.  67!  Can you believe that?!  It seems like only yesterday that he was reminding Danny to take drugs, bribing Frank Oz to let him cheat on an exam, and making a movie with either Benji or Goldie Hawn.

So, what has Chevy learned in those 67 years?  Only how to steal our hearts!  Oh, and some practical stuff too…practically funny stuff that is!  Okay, I’ll stop now and let Chevy speak for himself in this wonderful Esquire article from last month, Chevy Chase: What I’ve Learned.

Happy Birthday, Chevy.

Oct 5 2010

Coming Soon: Chevy Chase Day 2010!

Friday is Chevy Chase Day around the world, which means that this week I’m going to be talking about Chevy even more than usual! (Editors note: Apologies.)

I thought I’d kick things off right by talking about a little seen classic Chevy bit, such as this short one from the 1974 skit film The Groove Tube.  The film itself is just a lame, early version of The Kentucky Fried Movie, with Chevy only showing up twice (three times if you count his hands).  However, it’s worth digging up just to see him and pal Ken Shapiro perform “Four Leaf Clover”.  The two would later regroup to make Modern Problems.  I think we all know how that turned out.

Anyway, sorry for the VHS-ish quality of this video, but it’s the best one I could find.  You can always come over to my place if you want to catch it on DVD, complete with commentary and laugh track from me as well.  Enjoy!

Sep 21 2010

Community for Your Eyes and Ears Today!

Did you remember to buy your Community season 1 DVD set today?  You’ve only got a couple of days to watch all 25 episodes before season 2 premieres on Thursday.  Better get to work!

In addition to the first season release, it’s worth noting for all of you Community diehards out there that today is also the release date for the season 1 soundtrack.  Unlike most television soundtracks that feature incidental and background music, the Community album is notable for containing every song the cast performed this past season.  Tracks of interest include rockin’ party classics like “Pierce You Are a B”, three tracks from Chevy, Troy and Abed’s rendition of “Somewhere Out There”, and the full-length version of The 88’s Community theme.  Check out Amazon and iTunes for more info.

Off to watch season 1!  Happy Community week, kids! 

Sep 20 2010

Community Goes Claymationy for Christmas Episode


Man, this show just keeps catering to me more and more. It wasn’t enough to bring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale together in one half hour block of funny, now they’re upping the ante by announcing that this season will feature a stop-motion Christmas episode, presumably as an homage to the Rankin-Bass claymation specials of old.  Expect Abed to be referred to as a “misfit toy” at least once.

This news is even more exciting in that it marks one of very few times we’ve seen Chevy do an animated character.  He did the American version of Doogal a while back, and a few guest voices here and there, but it’s never been a major chunk of his career.  Which is a shame, since Fletch would have made an AWESOME animated series.  Imagine a cartoon Fletch strutting to this theme song and tell me I’m wrong…

Thanks to reader Todd for the tip!

Aug 4 2010

Chevy wants more funny


And I’m with him.  I’m mostly posting this because I can’t believe Chevy Chase was at Comic-Con.  It’s like all of my loves are converging.  In fact I tried to come up with a joke about how Comic-Con could cater further to my specific desires, but I kept coming up with things that already take place at Comic-Con.  Doctor Who discussions and playing a lot of video games?  Covered.

[Via MovieWeb]

Jul 8 2010

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Kudos to fellow movie nerd Harry Hanrahan, who has put together a great list of the 100 best movie insults.  The great thing about this list (besides the fact that it features it’s fair share of movies I love AND Chevy Chase) is that it’s in easy to digest video form.  It’s also a lot of fun to attempt to name all of the movies, so why not set aside ten minutes today, gather around your co-workers, and have a good laugh on company time?  You’ve earned it.

May 20 2010

“Community” Finale to Feature Fletch!

Okay, well not really…unless you believe Chevy’s line in the clip below…which I don’t…(but how I wish!)

Anyway, the Community finale airs tonight, and while I’m not excited that the writers feel the need to get back to the Jeff/Britta relationship (although it made Entertainment Weekly’s #1 “must” this week), this is a show that we’ve been talking about since the beginning, so I feel somewhat obligated to remind you about it.

Oh, screw it- I just wanted to post a clip of Chevy saying the word “Fletch”.  You got me.