In happier times.

Hi there! We’re Logan Lee and Ryan DiGiorgi.  We have opinions about movies.  We write them here for you to read and speak them here for you to hear.  Here are some questions you may have about this arrangement:


Q: Why should I care what you jerks think?
A: Much like there are many ways in which a tree is beautiful, there are many reasons to visit this site.  We are both writers as well as independent filmmakers, so we like to think we know a little something about what makes a good movie, or at least provide a unique perspective on the subject.  (The fact that we are independent filmmakers rather than paid filmmakers may contradict this assumption.)  Also, some people find us funny.  And our content is free, so really what have you got to lose?

Q:  Wait, so you two are some sort of movie experts?
Not at all.  We just watch a lot of them.  If anything we’re more like students of film.  Except instead of actually paying for film school, we just signed up for Netflix.  So it’s like we’re going to film homeschool.  And you’re cheating off our notes.

Q:  You guys were wrong about [whatever] and I am outraged!
Vent that anger in the comments.  Or if you’re too chicken, just email us.

Q:  Why didn’t you guys ever talk about [some film]?  It was so awesome/awful and you ignored it!
Slipped our minds.  Email us a reminder and we’ll do our best to get to it.


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