Critical End! (The Podcast) #9: A Rudding


The Critical End! Zoo Crew (R) takes you on a fantastic voyage through the filmography of Paul Rudd, ending on his latest work, I Love You, Man.

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7 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #9: A Rudding”

  • Drew Says:

    Gotta agree with Logan on the comedy partner idea. I’m pretty sure Rudd and Owen Wilson could do wonderful things together. And then probably make an awesome movie.

  • Ryan Says:

    I’d see it. But I guess Wilson has been depressing me lately what with his Marley & Me’s and his National Treasure 2’s. Gotta remember the gold ol’ days of Bottlerocket.

  • Logan Says:

    Ryan: National Treasure 2?

    Drew: I have to agree. Logan is awesome!


  • Ryan Says:

    Wow. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. I’m out of it.

  • Anna Mitchell Says:

    Could someone like Ben Stiller be a good foil for a Paul Rudd character? They just seem like they would not get along really well. But then again I cannot see Ben Stiller doing anything off the cuff. Hank Azeria? Goodness I need to learn to spell,……..

  • Ryan Says:

    I think we’re getting there, but Stiller doesn’t gel perfectly with Rudd in the theater of my mind.

  • Logan Says:

    I think Hank Azaria would be a great sleezy foil to Rudd’s nice guy much like he was to Simon Pegg in “Run Fatboy Run”