Oscar Week at Critical End!

Not appropriate award show attire.

Not appropriate award show attire.

Yes, folks, it’s time once again for your favorite stars to sit awkwardly in an auditorium for three hours, hoping desperately to validate their careers with an 8 pound pewter statuette. It’s a great time for movie lovers, and Critical End! will be celebrating all week with our thoughts on this year’s nominees, our picks to win, and other Academy-related tomfoolery.

And it all comes to a head this Sunday (5PT/8ET on ABC) with The First Annual Critical End! Oscar Live Blog. That’s right, when you sit down to watch the awards, make sure you’ve got your laptop tuned to this site where you’ll find running commentary by me and Logan for the entirety of the broadcast. Don’t have someone to enjoy the show with? Join us and post your comments! Do have someone to enjoy the show with? Ignore them and hang out with us instead.

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