Aug 31 2010

Miss the Emmys? Here’s All You Need to See

I’m sure my friends are glad that the Emmys have come and gone, as now they no longer have to hear me talk about what a shame it is that none of the Community cast got nominated.  So, what was the cast of the best new show of last season doing instead of sitting in the Emmy audience waiting to hear their name called?  Doing car commercials.

But wait!  It was no where near as bad as it sounds.  I actually rather liked it…or perhaps I was just really in need of a Community fix until the new season starts.  See for yourself:

And as not to load this post down with with videos, here’s the links to part two and three on YouTube.  New season starts September 23rd!

Apr 26 2010

Toying with my childhood (it’s a pun!)


UPDATE: There’s also a Japanese version!

As a child of the 80’s, I have very distinct memories of commercials like this one for Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.  Take a look…

I am literally buried under a mountain of sense memory right now.  Which is all the more impressive, considering that this isn’t actually a vintage commercial, but a brand new bit of viral marketing for Toy Story 3.

Too much hugging, one presumes.

That is some impressive mimicry, Pixar.  More evidence that these guys are deeply committed to manipulating me emotionally.  WHY DID THAT SLUT HAVE TO ABANDON JESSIE FOR MAKEUP AND BOYS, DAMMIT?!!?!

Also, if you’re like me, you’re now looking for either this…

…or this…

I never noticed the jaunty key change in the Kid Sister section of the jingle. Girls are always showing off.