Oct 28 2010

I Guess Somebody Had to Do it…

Folks, this has been a very confusing week for your old pal Logan.  First, the Cars 2 teaser leaves me scratching my head, and then just today a seemingly normal trip to my local comic book store erupted into chaos and mass confusion on my part when I noticed this sitting on the shelf:

At first I was just happy to see that they haven’t run out of obvious situations to place The Evil Dead’s Ash in yet.  Intrigued, I begin to flip through.  Not to give anything away, but it appears that Ash heads to a comic book convention which is also frequented by Barack Obama (and not some other black guy in a suit as the cover seems to imply).  Then the evil dead attacks or something.  Typical.  Ash and his old college pal President Obama can’t go anywhere these days.  Especially during an election season.  

In the end I decided to pass.  I love America.  Just not this much.

Jan 25 2010

Bruce Campbell to Continue Being Named Bruce Campbell


You're gonna to make it after all!

Bruce Campbell has announced that he will star in a follow-up to My Name is Bruce, in which he played a comically exaggerated self-deprecating version of himself that saves a small town from a demon.  In the sequel, Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, he’ll wind up in Europe where he, presumably, will save a small European town from a mad scientist and his monstrous creation.  I’m not sure what got Campbell going on this, but if he wants to remake the rest of Abbott and Costello’s oeuvre while he’s at it (Bruce Campbell Chainsaws the Mummy, Bruce Campbell Wrestles the Invisible Man, The Wistful She-Bitch of Wagon Gap, etc.), I’m completely on board.

Honestly, though, My Name is Bruce wasn’t all that hot.  It was hokey, like a lot of Campbell’s work, but it lacked the Sam Raimi execution that makes that kind of thing work.  And Ted Raimi turned in four performances that made me realize why Sam usually limits him to cameos.  Here’s hoping they pull it off a bit better this time.

[via /Film]